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January/February 2020


We have recently given £1000 to EVRA (Eaton Vale Residents Association) towards buying a roundabout specially adapted to take wheelchairs and disabled children as well as other family members; this money meant that they had enough to put the order in and hopefully it will be installed in time for the holiday season so whole families can play together.

We have also give £1000 to the local branch of MIND for mental health projects in Norfolk.

Our new charity is Norfolk Snowsports Club, who organise sports afternoons for people with disabilities. They need to replace two old sit skis (chairs on skis) costing £5000 each, which will mean more people with disabilities can enjoy the slopes through skiing, snowboarding or tubing.

If anyone has a charity that they would like to be supported by the Cringleford Singers then please contact us.

New Members

We are currently looking for three or four more singers to join us. A soprano, two mezzo-soprano’s and an alto.

Woman who have sung in choirs before would be especially suitable and the ability to read music would be an advantage. Ideally working woman, or Mum’s with young children who would like an evening out (we do most of our singing and concerts on Thursday evenings) and the change to bring pleasure to people as well as having fun themselves.

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