Each year we raise around £3,000, and have so far raised in excess of £45,000 for local charities

We have just raised £1000 for a charity called “Hope into Action”  :-

Hope Into Action provides several houses for the homeless in Norwich.

It’s also been a joy to give money away! Our Christmas concerts raised over £2000, so we have also given £500 to Phoenix Centre in Mile Cross, £250 to the wonderful PHAB Club, and have now chosen a local charity BUILD for this year. We hope to raise £1000 for them by the summer. BUILD  offers social, leisure and learning opportunities for people with disabilities. Have a look at their website – they do a marvellous work. 

We are always willing to consider requests for financial help from local individuals and groups, so please get in touch with us if you would like our support.

Previously we have helped :-