Listed below are the events we have booked this year

Events 2019

Thurs 5th January19:00Choir New Year Party
Thurs 26th April19:30Practice 1Patteson Club
Thurs 2nd May19:30Practice 2 St Andrews Church
Thurs 9th May19:30Practice 3Patteson Club
Thurs 16th May19:00ConcertBarley Court
Thurs 23rd May19:30Practice 4Patteson Club
Thurs 30th May19:00ConcertNNAB
Thurs 6th June18:30ConcertSt Johns, Height Street
Tues 11th June19:00ConcertPHAB Club
Thurs 13th June19:30ConcertHanover Gardens
Thurs 11th July19:00ConcertBowthorpe Care Village
Thurs 18th July19:30ConcertSt Andrews Church, Eaton
Fri 16th August19:30Singing EveningSt Andrews Church, Eaton
Thurs 22nd August19:30An Evening with ScottSt Andrews Church, Eaton
Thursday 5th September19:30Autumn Practice
Tues 10th December19:00ConcertPHAB Club
Thurs 12th December19:30ConcertHanover Gardens
Thurs 19th December19:30ConcertSt Andrews Church, Eaton